About us

London is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world. The basis of its recent success, creativity and prosperity has been its international openness, radical steps to protect the environment, respect for diverse cultures and traditions and the central role of public sector investment and public services in helping the city to work.
Progressive London is a unique coalition, launched by Ken Livingstone, and involving people and views from across the political, cultural, community, generational and artistic spectrum, to promote the kinds of progressive policies which have made London such a success and a place where people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds can be themselves and come together around common goals.
To do this, Progressive London provides a uniquely broad and open forum for the discussion of progressive policies to keep taking London forward as a 21st century world city and to draw upon best practice from every part of London, Britain and the world.
Progressive London is a place where people can work together around the whole range of issues that this involves: working for social justice; improving living standards and the quality of life; protecting the environment; safety from crime; providing the very best public services; equality for all and vigorously opposing every form of discrimination whether on grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality orientation, age or disability; supporting employment rights and trade unions; improving life for young Londoners; supporting cultural and artistic creativity and diversity; and supporting democracy and social progress internationally.
Progressive London wishes to work with all of those who support such policies, and this entire progressive culture which has developed in London and is under attack from sections of the media and right wing politicians through institutions like the Conservative administration at the Greater London Authority and Conservative led local authorities.
Progressive London is a forum for discussion and debate open to all who support its basic aims.


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